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Innovation is the key to success in any business.

The big challenge for management is business development – to successfully commercialise and implement these innovative solutions.

We would be happy to assist by joining your project management team. For example, we can help you manage software development projects. This area of law requires advanced technical and commercial experience, and lack of it can have serious legal and financial consequences.

Technical specifications will need to describe software and computer systems in detail, both functional and technical. In many contracts, they are the most important terms and they need to be absolutely clear.

We can set clear product objectives, write specifications and negotiate business savvy agreements with software developers and providers.

Our advice: the best way to avoid arguments about software is to avoid unequal expectations. Clearly drafted contracts prevent disputes – at least good ones do. They prevent lawsuits!

Clients use our services in finding strategic solutions to all manner of commercial transactions and disputes, the formation of companies and trusts, shareholders agreements, joint ventures, partnerships, syndicates, arbitration, commercial licensing, franchising, agency and distribution agreements, government procurement, tenders, export permits and corporate finance.

In addition, we can act as advocates and negotiators in most projects, raise funds, and manage confidential investigations, compliance matters, probity checks and due diligence.

Help with Government Grants and Assistance

The Federal and State governments of Australia offer programmes that are designed to help Australian businesses of all sizes and industries improve productivity and competitiveness, and create jobs.

The programmes include incentives for research and development, support for small businesses and start-ups, tax and duty concessions, export market development and assistance for industries in transition.

Are you eligible?

We offer unbiased advice to help eligible entrepreneurs with their pursuit of funding. We help you locate the grants and assistance programmes most relevant to your business as part of our legal and financial services.


Great entrepreneurial opportunities are fleeting; those who want to pursue that hot start-up idea must put everything into it.

Much talent and tenacity will be required to succeed. We have started several successful businesses from scratch and we would like to offer practical support and share our (good and bad) experiences in project management with you.


Start Up Survival Guide

Our (not for profit) Start Up Survival Guide is offered on a monthly subscription basis, subject to availability. It includes practical information and mentoring you won’t find elsewhere.

You receive One-on-One confidential consultations (by phone and online) with an experienced business lawyer and entrepeneur, together with online access to a library of legal precedents and documents as required.

The guide covers typical start-up topics, including, but not limited to:

  • The Start Up Plan
    Who is on board? What is the budget? Who is putting up the money? Cash Flow and Feasibility Analysis; The art and science of Bootstrapping; Avoid unequal expectations with a Founders’ Agreement; Compare fund structures, equity funding mechanisms; Crowd funding in Australia or overseas? Understanding term sheets – key economic terms and important control terms; What compliance issues are there (compliance includes taxes, accounting, employment, corporations law, and the new Employee Share Scheme tax provisions).
  • IP Scoping
    Identify your IP; Cost v Benefit to develop and protect Patents, Designs, Trade Marks, Copyright, Trade Secrets; Searches to avoid infringement, including “Freedom to operate” searches; The use of IP holding companies; The importance of keeping your innovations strictly confidential; Choosing the right Trade Mark and Domain to create a distinctive brand; Protecting your brand online and overseas; Patent protection for business methods, software and apps; The apps registration process; e-Commerce law; Social media and cyber law.
  • Incorporation and Commercial Arrangements
    What is the right business structure for you? Choosing the right jurisdiction – this will impact CGT, asset protection, and government assistance; Vesting equity and use of redeemable preference shares; Shareholders Agreements to define the rights, privileges, and obligations of associates; Leave the door open for future issues such as employee stock ownership, future investors, integrating employment or contractor agreements (sweat equity), Employee Confidentiality, Commercial licensing or assignment agreements; Franchises, Co-Branding, International Dealings and Joint Ventures.

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