Hello, my name is Michael Hutson. I am a Start-Up Company Specialist and Business Development Lawyer based in Australia, with a visiting office in New York.

My mission is to help clients with the development of their innovation and to protect their Intellectual Property Rights. What a delight to see an idea turned into success! It will take special skills and you need to go the distance, but the potential reward is huge.

“The Inventorpreneurs Club” is an international (not for profit) business association that provides members with the opportunity to find joint ventures, partnerships and financial support.

Analysts foresee monumental changes to our economic future and predict disruptions that will affect most industries. A research paper by UBS, released at the 2016 Davos World Economic Forum (“The Fourth Industrial Revolution”) has predicted that a combination of automation and connectivity will lead to rising unemployment and inequality.

With diminishing opportunities for meaningful employment, many people will need to rediscover something we relied on before the (first) industrial revolution: Self Employment and Networking. We are calling these enterprising individuals “The Inventorpreneurs” and we think they deserve our help and professional guidance.

It is hoped that the proposed association will become a useful support network, a pitch club, a greenhouse for ideas and skills, and a cooperative information centre.

Your comments would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,

Michael Hutson

(+61) 0406 300 333