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Intellectual property & technology lawINTELLECTUAL PROPERTY

We are qualified Intellectual Property Attorneys and Patent Lawyers. Our firm protects innovative solutions and all manner of intellectual property rights.

They call the theft of Innovation and Intellectual Property: “The Curse of the Creative” and it can cause enormous damage. However, most of it can be prevented and we will protect you against infringements.

In any business enterprise, it is essential to carefully secure your company’s Intellectual Property, a major asset that is often neglected. We can analyse and audit your existing IP assets and advise on going forward.

Management also needs to ensure that the company has “Freedom to Operate” (that you are not infringing existing intellectual property rights belonging to others). We can conduct thorough searches of conflicting IP rights as part of a strategic business plan.

You can discuss your commercial plans with us in confidence, including business methods, know-how, commercial licensing and franchising. We will register Patents, Industrial and Creative Designs, Trademarks and Brands worldwide and will protect your Copyright, Software Circuit Layouts, and Trade Secrets.

Our legal services include global Patent and Trade Mark searches, Confidentiality Agreements, IP Asset Management, applications for Government Grants, Assignments of intellectual property, Joint Venture agreements, Escrows and the safe keeping of Copyright works.

Many of your IP assets can be a traded and sold like any other commodity in the international marketplace, including Patent Assignments, Licenses and Joint Ventures.

In a quarrel, our mission is to fight to win determined litigation actions. We will negotiate a favorable settlement or assert your claim and defend your IP rights in the Federal Courts of Australia and in hearings before the Registrar of Trade Marks.


We are technology focused and provide specialist legal advice on all technology related transactions and projects. Let us help you with IT Development Contracts, Digital Media Agreements, Assignments and Licenses of Patents and Copyright, Printed Circuits, Cloud Data Storage, Hosting Contracts, Software Development Contracts, SaaS Contracts, Technology Service Contracts, Service Level Agreements, Software Licensing, Computer Forensics, Contracts for R&D Projects and Advanced Industry Joint Ventures.

IMPORTANT: Please do not enter into negotiations or reveal any of your design and product ideas to third parties without a well prepared Confidentiality Agreement customised by us for your particular purpose. (Most template documents that you can download from the internet for free will leave you virtually unprotected).

If you are interested in Patent protection, please refer to our free “Guide to Patent Protection in Australia” outlining the procedures, requirements and approximate costs of patent registration.



Are you planning a Technology Project that involves the development of software? We are highly experienced in this area and provide specialist legal advice on all Software Development, Cloud Solutions, Hosting Contracts, and Technology Service Contracts.

Our contracts will ensure that you are the legal owner of the copyright in all software ‘source codes” and that your commercial interests in the project are fully protected.

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